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Site Specific Catalog Cover


Boston Globe Review by Sebastian Smee of Site Specific show

“… But of course, good painting need not involve polar bears or imported fancies. A marvelous painting here by Ron Krouk, for instance, is simply a still life. Bread, two vessels, and a yellow carton of some kind arranged on a table behind a flat, reflective rectangular shape that might be an iPad or the case of the “CD” that provides the painting’s title.

Painted thickly and with a cakey facture that suggests the pushing and pressing of a palette knife, the picture is riveting. The blue interior of one copper vessel chimes with the intense yellow carton (what is this package?), and together they animate colors and forms — shiny copper, warm bread — commonly associated with more conventional still lifes. The glossy surface of the iPad or CD case reflects darker shadows, hinting at frictionless digital visions — an antithesis to the slow, textured accumulations of Krouk’s paint.”

Sebastian Smee in the Boston Globe

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A chance meeting with a Boston Globe photographer in 2012.    Click HERE.

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  1. Susan Ghosh

    Hi Ron,
    I love your paintings! Gautam and I would love to see you and Christina. We’ll be coming to Boston October 10th-17th and having friends over to Ben and Amanda’s on Saturday the 15th, for brunch and visiting. Will you be able to come?

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