Web Sites for Artists

Google Art Project  This is a fantastic resource for looking at paintings close up… closer than you could get in person at a museum.

Powers of Observation Catherine Kehoe has put this together for her students and put it out there for everyone.  A terrific site from a wonderful painter and teacher.

Painters Copying Painters From Catherine’s site

Drawing OWU  Frank Hobbs blogsite for Ohio Wesleyan University Drawing

Embellished Skeleton Frank Hobbs blogsite for Ohio Wesleyan Figure Drawing

Painting OWU Frank Hobbs blogsite for Ohio Wesleyan Painting

Gamblin Navigating Color Space This is the best explanation I’ve seen of the theory of color for artists.  There is a related video also.   (I like Gamblin paints also!)

Dominic Cretara Demos This series demonstrates a very classic approach to painting and drawing techniques — I assume it is related to what Dominic was taught at BU.

Croquis Cafe (also available on YouTube)  These are videos of models posing in short poses.   It’s not the same as drawing from a live model, but it is better than still photos.



George Nick

Michael Mazur

Henry Schwartz

Catherine Kehoe

Bob Collins

Joel Janowitz

Elli Crocker

Cynthia Wick

Liz Awalt

Jeremy Durling

Kelley Harwood

Juliana Gamble

Rick Fox

David Kasman

Rebecca Guay

Matt Mitchell




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